• Vision

    Prime Estates International Co. is striving to be one of the most successful medium sized residential tourism developers in Egypt. Our core business consists of developing property propositions with uncompromised value for money, providing second homes for locals and foreigners alike. We pride ourselves on working with the best architects, lawyers,consultants and contractors to ensure our developments are beautifully designed , conforming to the natural beauty of the region and our precious ecosystem.


The Founders

Prime Estates International has the privilege of combining essential skill sets derived from its managing partners, Mohamed Allam , Wisam Emara and Fady Iskandar

Mohamed Allam

Brings construction and urban planning experience through his partnership in "Hassan Allam Sons' ,one of the leading private sector companies in the Egyptian construction market since 1975. The company caters to both public and private sector clients and has executed numerous projects in diverse fields, including buildings and interiors, infrastructure, industrial facilities, power stations, hotels and resorts, monument restoration and electromechanical installation. In the 1990s ,the group began its real estate development and subsequently executed projects on Egypt's North coast , the Red Sea and in Cairo. The company's corporate values of integrity and commitment to clients satisfaction as well as its use of qualified personnel and the latest technologies are the driving forces behind it's continuous development.

Wisam Emara

The Chief Executive Officer, with extensive experience in retail and residential projects management in Cairo and Dubai, coupled with years of involvement in different aspects of the real estate market, positions him to head all operational matters within Prime Estates International.

Fady Iskandar

Former vice president of real estate at Orascom Hotels and Development (specialized in the development of fully self-sufficient destinations ,complete with real estate properties, hotels, marinas, and golf courses),runs a strategic role in the company, building on previous experience to cater to customer requirements and working with existing distributer networks.

Azzurra Sahl Hasheesh


Recognized by leading hospitality auditors and awards entities, Azzurra prides itself for its customer-centric culture.

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