Azzurra’s property management solution brings property owners the opportunity to fully renovate and refurbish their homes with a peace of mind. From appliances installation to full interior and exterior renovations, our property management services encompass the full property renovation range, no matter how small or big our customers’ home alteration is.

Interior Alterations

Redesign, purchase or installation services for your property

  • Furniture and appliances purchase and supply
  • Curtains purchase and supply
  • Kitchen redesign
  • Walls paint refresh/ color change
  • Tiles replacement
  • Shower glass panel/ cabinets installation


Furniture and sanitary replacement services for your property

  • Toilet & sink replacement
  • Mixer taps & shower heads replacement
  • Insect screen supply/ replacement
  • Marble countertops replacement (kitchen/ bathroom)
  • Kitchen cabinets replacement

Exterior Alterations

Exterior installation and repair services for your property

  • Pergolas installation
  • Garden fence Installation
  • Garden gate installation
  • Roof kitchen design and implementation
  • Garden renovation

Elegant Homes

Renovated by Azzurra

A home is a unique vision to every homeowner and a reflection to their identity. Azzurra’s alterations services guarantee a complete make-over for each home based on property owners needs. End-to-end, our renovation and alteration services allow owners to get their homes renovated without going through the hassle of managing renovation workers schedules and supervision.

Renovated by Azzurra
Renovated by Azzurra
Renovated by Azzurra
Renovated by Azzurra
Renovated by Azzurra
Renovated by Azzurra