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Azzurra’s Architectural Style

Azzurra’s Architectural Style

Located along the breathtaking coast of the Red Sea , Azzurra's unique topography demanded the respect of the commissioned architects. The resort could not have been traditionally designed with standardized with standardized units, the special contours and land elevations dictated a unique design for every building. Azzura's architectural style complements its natural land contours, creating valleys that divide the resort with cascading landscapes and tranquil walkways.

This design approach has been consequently overlaid with a mixture of the contemporary and traditional local architecture , merging to create a unique innovated style with local roots.

Azzurra's architecture is an elegant and chic blend of traditional ,oriental and contemporary styles - resplendent with domes, arches, columns and courtyards.

International Architects

Designed by International Architects

In appreciation of the beautiful natural backdrop, Azzurra’s architecture has been elegantly designed by best-in-class architects, built on land elevations for scenic views from every unit.

  • Alfredo Freda had studios in Rome, London, New York and Cairo, and brings his global panache to Azzurra, creating a unique ambiance of simplicity in Azzurra's most exciting forms.
  • Ramy El Dahan is well known for Nubian Architectural style with its domes,vaults and bearing walls,blending authentic lines with a modern flow of colors
  • Ayman Arafa established as a sole practice in 2011 after 14 years of partnerships under different names with Egyptian & Italian Architects
  • TDF an interior design and architectural firm with green focus
Elegant Design

Elegant Design

Azzurra offers residents the perfect place to relax and unwind in a secure and stylish environment. To this end, every property is selectively finished to the highest possible standard, just waiting for you to create your own elegant second home. Azzurra’s exterior architecture and finishing , combining earth tones and natural materials, blend to create a perfect harmony with its surrounding sea, desert and mountains. Surrounding your property are green walkways, verdant planting, and of course the wonderful Red Sea and sky blue vistas.

Simple Chic

Simple Chic

The interior floors of the apartments and villas are of natural Egyptian marble, whilst all woodwork, doors and cupboards are a complementary oak veneer finish. Bathrooms also feature marble countertops and benefit from to-quality sanitary fittings. The cool interior color are a continuation of Azzurra’s unique and relaxing design concept.

The Pulse of Sahl Hasheesh

Azzurra: A Gated Resort

Considered the most sought after residential community in the heart of Sahl Hasheesh, Azzurra sits some 32 meters above sea level, right on the famous Sahl Hasheesh Bay. When turquoise is all you can see ahead of you, Azzurra is truly a memorable Red Sea encounter.

Azzurra offers stylish, high quality accommodation that blends classical Egyptian architecture with contemporary living in an exceptional location.
Set alongside world famous white sand and palm-fringed beaches and overlooking the "Jewel of the Red Sea" Azzurra is the perfect place for relaxation and recreation.

This gated community resort is ideal for individuals, couples or families.It offers an oasis of cascading swimming pools, lazy trickling streams and scenic valley trails.And fir children, there's an exciting array of safe and secure playgrounds to choose from,all nestled within Azzurra's private grounds.
Surrounded by one of the region's top golf course, Azzurra is tranquil green haven for those in need of an escape from the bustle of modern living.

A Residential Boutique Compound

Undeniably spectacular location

Azzurra is set in an undeniably spectacular location with guaranteed sunshine all year round. It is the perfect location for those demanding a beautiful home away from home, or a relaxing Red Sea vacation.

Our community is ideal for individuals, couples, or families. It offers an oasis of cascading swimming pools, valleys, and colorful landscapes, to complement the beautiful natural surroundings of mountains and sandy beaches.