In order to promote a pleasant and secure atmosphere for all residents and guests of Azzurra, it is essential to adhere to the following Rules and Regulations. Please comply with these guidelines to ensure a harmonious living environment for all inhabitants and visitors.


- Prior written approval is required from Azzurra Management Company (AMC) for any display or distribution of advertising material.
- Timely payment of maintenance fees guarantees uninterrupted services provided by AMC.
- The following actions are prohibited in order to prevent damage and abuse of common areas:
o Any form of pollution, such as littering in public areas, disposing of pets’ waste in private gardens, loud music, any form of loud social gatherings and parties, engaging in alcohol abuse, and/or any actions that would harm the community or disrespect the cultural norms.
o Use of fireworks or other explosives within resort areas.
o Carving, chopping, cutting, and/or damaging of any trees.
o Pets are strictly prohibited in or around the swimming pool.
- Drying clothes should be on a stand not higher than the height of the balcony fence.
- Use of foul language and loud voice will not be tolerated.
- The rooftops in Azzurra Resort accommodate important equipment such as HVAC systems, satellite dishes and air conditioners for the whole building. Therefore, AMC reserves the right to access rooftops for maintenance purposes. Owners will be notified 24 hours in advance for non-emergent maintenance requests. However, in case of emergencies AMC reserves the right to access roofs upon informing the owners.
- Full exterior paint of the building is done every 10 years. The cost of paint and any remedial work is covered by building’s property owners, with the expenses divided based on the size of each unit.
- Quotation fee is 300 EGP to be deducted from approved quotations and nonrefundable in case of cancellation.
- Any modifications to the unit or to the surrounding land, as outlined in your purchase agreement, are not allowed without prior written approval from Prime Estates International. Access for outside workers will only be granted if their works and work timings are pre-approved, and insurance amount of 20,000 EGP is deposited to the managing company to insure security and safety of all belongings.

Road Rules:

- Motor vehicles must be parked in the parking plots and should not obstruct any roads or public pathways.
- Using cars, buggies or other motorized vehicles by individuals below the legal driving age is strictly prohibited.
- Speeding and racing are prohibited.
- Kindly ensure that music is kept at a reasonable volume while driving so not to disturb others.
- The speed limit within the resort should not exceed 20km/h in all areas.
- After charging, please remove golf cars from charging points to allow others to recharge.
- Golf cars that are not in use should be parked in the designated shaded parking area assigned for golf cars.
- Owners are required to park their vehicles in the designated zone corresponding to their unit. Please note that any violations of the above road regulations will be subject to legal actions.


For the below, a notification must be sent to Customer Service and Security Department by email, and an approval must be granted:
- Opening /changing properties door locks.
- Key holders and property management offices must be authorized from the owner via a clear written document or email.
- In case of renting, lessee’s name, telephone number and ID photo must be sent prior to arrival. Lessee must sign on the resort’s rules and regulations before granting entry to the unit.


A prior written permit must be granted by the AMC for the following:
- Owner’s request stating name, telephone number and unit number.
- Items list of all items leaving or entering the resort.
- Car plates number, driver’s name, co. driver’s and worker’s names with ID copies.
- Visitors are required to gain entry through the Azzurra application, using the “Visit Request” feature.

Material/Equipment Gate Pass:

The following items listed below will be granted entry to Azzurra only after getting approval from AMC. Owners are requested to send email to management@azzurra-redsea.com to get approval of the material gate pass
- Non-manufactured wood
- Non-processed metals
- Doors and windows
- Wall or wood paints
- Air conditioners
- Sand, cement, bricks, tiles, pipes, irrigation systems and other related materials.

Private Parties:

- Owners are required to notify Customer Service with upcoming parties via email on fo@azzurra-redsea.com or through contact us on the application in order to inform neighbors if needed.
- Music is to be kept indoors; if outdoors, volume must be maintained so as not to disturb neighboring units. Music is prohibited after 10:00 PM on weekdays and 11:00 PM on weekends.
- If neighbors complain, owners are kindly requested to reduce the volume.
- In the event of a violation of the above, AMC will take measures to protect the community’s right.
Your cooperation is highly appreciated.


- Swimmers must be free of any contagious diseases.
- No hairpins, jewelry or glassware are allowed in the pool.
- No food, drink or gum anywhere inside the swimming pool.
- No recreational equipment unless authorized by the management.
- All swimmers are to shower before entering the pool.
- No spitting or blowing nose in the pool.
- Children must be supervised by their parents, and diapers are not allowed in the pool.
- No running, pushing, dunking or rough play in pool area and showers.
- No diving in shallow end.
- Do not stand, play or jump off ladders or railings.
- Stay clear of handicap ramp and railing at all times.
- Always enter the water forward without flipping.
- Swimmers must use appropriate swimsuit.
- Pets are not allowed by pool area.
- Glass bottles or containers of any sort are not permitted around the pool.
- Pool users must be in good health and sober, not under any kind of infection that will be hazardous for them and others.
- Please keep your area clean and dispose all garbage before leaving the pool.


- Community members should at all times take precautions to protect the environment.
- Owners are not allowed to plant, cut, damage or change any greenery or trees on the side roads, public areas and common areas.
- Hunting or killing of animals/birds is strictly prohibited.


- Pets must be on leash all the time while outside the apartment for the convenience of other residents.
- Pets are strictly prohibited in and around swimming pools.
- Housekeepers are not responsible for cleaning up after pets. Pet owners must clean up after their pets on the spot in order to maintain hygiene in public and private areas of Azzurra.
- Villa and ground floor gardens must always be kept clean and free from any smells or feces.
- Owners are advised to add locking fences around their property to prevent their pets from escaping.
In case of violation of the above, a fine of 1,000 EGP will apply on the pet’s owner. If repeated incidents occur, the owner will no longer be allowed to keep his pet inside Azzurra’s premises.

General Notice:

Please be aware that all requests for exceptions or permits, as mentioned above, must be sent during our regular working hours from 09:00 AM till 05:00 PM via email to fo@azzurra-redsea.com.